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Welcome to Sinful Ties. Enjoy your stay. Try not to get eaten.



Thank you for taking the time to visit Sinful-Ties. We are an AU Anita Blake role-play forum. However, being AU you do not need to have any experience with the books to join. Set in a world in which the supernatural is common knowledge, we are based in the UK and operate a member driven plot system in which players can change the world they rp in. From attacks against the preternatural community, to human politics we hope you can find something to take your fancy. Due to the TOS we are R rated and members must be 18+ to join.


Zombies, Vampires, Jeremy Irons? What more could you ask for?

One master dies, another takes his place. What will the dragon bloodline bring to Yeovil? Death? Chaos? Or Order?




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